AMBASSADOR21 new official video "Revelation"

    New AMBASSADOR21 official video "Revelation" released April 3rd 2017.
    Produced by Outbox Studio. Director & editor - Tatiana Oskina.
    Camera - Pavel Oskin. Sound design - Alexey Protasov.
    Filmed in Outbox Studio (Prague) in 2017.

    Song "Revelation" from album "Human Rage".
    CD / 2CD: Online store
    Digital: Bandcamp



Alexey Protasov' music in new Porsche commercial


AMBASSADOR21 & Outbox Studio launch "Revelation" official video teaser

    "Revelation" official video coming out at April 3rd 2017.
    Produced by Outbox Studio. Director & editor - Tatiana Oskina.
    Camera - Pavel Oskin. Sound design - Alexey Protasov.
    Filmed in Outbox Studio (Prague) in 2017.

    Song "Revelation" from album "Human Rage".
    CD / 2CD: Online store
    Digital: Bandcamp



Human Rage Tour continues

    Next Human Rage Tour dates:

    7-8.04 - CANCELLED! Freakshow Festival / Reims, FR
    11.05 - Bus Palladium / Paris, FR
    12.05 - Magasin 4 / Brussels, BE
    13.05 - Supamolly / Berlin, DE
    12-13.08 - M’era Luna 2017 / Hildesheim, DE
    16.09 - Le Rat's / Puget-Sur Argens, FR
    10.11.17 - Der Cult / Nuremberg, DE

    More gigs in progress!

    Booking: Invasion


AMBASSADOR21 announced for M'era Luna 2017

    We are very glad to announce AMBASSADOR21 will perform at M'era Luna 2017 in Hildesheim, Germany,
    August 12th-13th 2017.

    It's our third time we'll play at this amazing festival, and we are happy to be back! It's for sure one of the best industrial festivals in the World, and this time we will bring a very special show and beat the drums hard!

    M'era Luna on the web: /
    Twitter und Instagram: @meralunafstvl
    Hashtag for Twitter and Instagram: #mera17



AMBASSADOR21 supported by Roswell Pro Audio

    Look on that awesome mic!
    It's present for us from Roswell Pro Audio - Mini K47 Condenser studio microphone which is arrived to our home!
    Thank you so much guys for such amazing gift! Can't wait to start recording sessions for next AMBASSADOR21 and SUICIDE INSIDE works!


AMBASSADOR21 "Fear Level Red" video from Noize For Life Festival

    AMBASSADOR21 performs "Fear Level Red" at Noize Of Life Festival - video now online.
    Performed 19.11.2016 in MS Connexione, Mannheim / Germany
    Camera by Denis Dk Kaschura. Additional camera by Arco Trauma. Edited by Alexey Protasov.

    Track "Fear Level Red" from AMBASSADOR21 new album "Human Rage"
    BUY "Human Rage" in our online store or on Bandcamp



New "Human Rage" reviews

New reviews of AMBASSADOR21 "Human Rage" by Luminous Dash Magazine, Midlands Metalheads and Peek-A-Boo Magazine added on site.


"Human Rage" title track on SoundCloud

    Title track from AMBASSADOR21 "Human Rage" album now on SoundCloud.

    Get "Human Rage" 2CD Deluxe Edition or regular CD-version in Ambassador21 online store


AMBASSADOR21 "Revelation" live at Maschinenfest 2k16

    New live video - AMBASSADOR21 performs "Revelation" at Maschinenfest 2k16
    14.10.2016 Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen / Germany
    Sound recorded by MF sound Crew, mixed by Alexey Protasov
    Camera by Ingo von der Lühe and Arco Trauma
    Track "Revelation" from AMBASSADOR21 new album "Human Rage"
    BUY "Human Rage" in our online store or on Bandcamp



"Revelation" in Sonic Seducer Magazine

    "Revelation" from new AMBASSADOR21 album "Human Rage" get on new CD-sampler of Sonic Seducer Magazine.


"Human Rage" out now!

    Order new AMBASSADOR21 album in our online store (available as CD and 2CD Deluxe Edition limited to 300 copies).
    Digital version available on Bandcamp and all the rest best digital stores.

    We have some new great merch for you, as well - "Human Rage" and "Your God Is Dead" t-shirts (men & girlie) and super limited editions of new keychains, 25 copies of each - metal, laser engraved, numbered. Only few copies left!



New t-shirts available now


"Human Rage" pre-sales start now!

    "Human Rage" out October 25th 2016.
    Pre-sales start now in Ambassador21 online store. You can pre-order CD or 2CD Deluxe Edition (limited to 300 copies) and "Human Rage" merch, as well.
    All pre-ordered copies will be shipped before release-date. 

    More info and lyrics


"Human Rage" preview on SoundCloud


AMBASSADOR21 is back with new album "Human Rage"


Second teaser of "Human Rage" released

    Invasion presents second video teaser of upcoming "Human Rage" album.
    New AMBASSADOR21 album "Human Rage" hitting the streets October 25th.
    In support of new album single "Revelation" out August 1st.
    AMBASSADOR21 appeals to fans to help release their new album "Human Rage". Band members launched a fundraising campaign. Support new album and get some exclusive items via crowdfunding campaign.


Single "Revelation" out now

    The single "Revelation" is a clear taster of the upcoming album. It’s hard, it’s catchy, it’s honest, it’s mind-blowing. With two new songs, AMBASSADOR21 do what they do best - blast your brains.
    The opening title, “Revelation”, is a melodic heavy industrial track with tribal beats, provocative lyrics in Russian and English and a clear message to any religious bigots - “your god is dead, go fuck yourself!”.
    The second song of the single, “Fear Level Red”, is a fast and brutal industrial hardcore tune with a memorable sample of Skunk Anansie. “Fear Level Red” was written on the next day after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and every beat of this track is bleeding and screaming.
    The single “Revelation” will probably not blow up this World, because the World is perfectly exploding itself on its own, but it will definitely blow your mind up, and your speakers too.
    Yes, it’s what you need. Yes, it’s fucking political! Yes, it’s fucking satirical!

    The single "Revelation", in support of the new album "Human Rage", is hitting the streets on August 1st 2016 on Invasion and is available in all best digital stores, incl. Ambassador21 online store and Bandcamp. “Human Rage” will be released this Fall on Invasion.
    Stay tuned.

    More info and lyrics HERE

    AMBASSADOR21 appeals to fans to help release their new album "Human Rage". Band members launched a fundraising campaign. Support the band, donate and get exclusive items. All donors of the fundraiser will get "Revelation" for free.


AMBASSADOR21 live at Ex.Fest 2016 online

    AMBASSADOR21 rocking the stage at Ex.Fest in Lyon, 27.04.206.
    Raise your middle finger ;)


AMBASSADOR21 endorsed by Audio Pro Solutions

    We are very grateful to APS Company for such generous donation to our fundraiser - we've got from them a pair of their incredible APS Klasik studio monitors. We've already tested our sound with new gear and it's awesome!!!! Very powerful, detailed, absolutely honest sound you can trust. Now we are ready to start mixing sessions of "Human Rage" album!


"We Are Legion" EP out now on Industrial Strength

    AMBASSADOR21 "We Are Legion" EP out today on Industrial Strength Records and available in all best digital stores. EP includes original tracks and remixes by NEGATIVE A, MATT GREEN and DETEST.


First teaser of "Human Rage" just released

    Invasion presents first video teaser of upcoming "Human Rage" album!
    New AMBASSADOR21 album "Human Rage" will be released this Fall on Invasion.
    In support of new album single "Revelation" will be released in the end of July on all best digital platforms. Single will include two new songs - "Revelation" and "Fear Level Red".
    Support new album and get some exclusive items via crowdfunding campaign.


Live reviews of AMBASSADOR21 show in Brussels

    If you weren't lucky enough to attend AMBASSADOR21 show in incredible Brussels' Magasin 4, you can check out some live reviews by Peek-A-Boo Magazine (in English and Dutch) and Dark Entries (in Dutch) with great pics by Xavier Marquis. Thank you Brussels, it was amazing. See you soon!


Keychain "Fuck All Systems / Killers" 21 copies limited edition

    Today we've got a very lovely contribution to our crowdfunding campaign from Axel Braun of Work 242 (check out their official merch they make for Front 242). Limited to 21 copies (only!!!) double sided metal keychain "Fuck All Systems / Killers" already on the way to us!
    It will be available in our online store and at the next gigs. Buying this cool things you supporting our new "Human Rage" album.
    And remember - it's strictly limited - two of them we leave for ourselves ;)


New AMBASSADOR21 album "Human Rage" will be released this Fall

    New AMBASSADOR21 album "Human Rage" will be released this Fall on Invasion and distributed worldwide by Danse Macabre / Al!ve.
    We continue touring and working in studio, many new songs already recorded, but it's still lots of work ;) We planning to do vocal studio sessions soon.
    And yeah - we announce the single "Revelation" to be released in the end of July on all best digital platforms.
    Keep your ears open!

    The crowdfunding campaign to support our new album continues. Thank you for your help and spreading the word!
    You can donate and get some exclusive items and our great gratitude forever! If you share this campaign around and let your friends seeing it, it's also a great support!


AMBASSADOR21 and ILLEGAL TRADE in Czech Republic next week

    Czech Tour updates:

    12.05.16 - AMBASSADOR21 @ Andel Music bar / Pilsen, CZ INFO
    13.05.16 - ILLEGAL TRADE @ Clubbers Die Younger (Melodka Club) / Brno, CZ INFO
    14.05.16 - AMBASSADOR21 @ Bass Club / Blansko, CZ INFO


Update posted to our fundraising campain

It feel so good to focus on studio work after all this crazy years! We've got very deep into new album and have many things fixed already - studio for recording vocals, deluxe edition concept and so on. But now about more hot news ;)
In July we gonna release a digital single in support of the new album. Single will be called "Revelation" and fuck yeah - all bakers of this campaign will get it first.
Thanks for support! Stay tuned :)


Help support the new AMBASSADOR21 album

Hello guys! It took a long time for us to start a studio sessions for our upcoming full-length album, and there were many objective reasons for such delay. As many of you know, the few past years has been ones of big changes in our life - personally, professionally and mentally. And now we are ready to go with new album more than before!

We will do it anyway, but we could get it on new level with your help!

There is no exact release date yet, but we will try our best to release a new album in early Fall 2016 on our own label Invasion. We need you. Help us make it happen! If we can raise more than we're aiming for, additional funds would help us invest into better studio equipment and album production.

And the last, but not least. Our choice of crowdfunding platform is not random. We've decided to do it on YouCaring, because for us this fundraising campaign is not a game or competition. When you support an artist, it's important for you to know that funds you donate goes to artist directly, but not sharing between bunch of dealers. We do this campaign by our own, so you can easily contact us for any questions.

You can donate and get some exclusive items and our great gratitude forever! But it's no problem, if you simply have no possibility to contribute. You still can give your support by sharing this on your page in any social network, to spread the word on your web-site or blog. So, if you share this campaign around and let your friends seeing it, it's already a good support!


"Killers" t-shirt available now

    Ready steady go! AMBASSADOR21 "Killers" t-shirt available now as men & girlie with light grey front print in OUR STORE


AMBASSADOR21 new live dates added

    New live dates added. See you at our next gigs:

    26-27.03.16 - Ex.Fest / Lyon, FR
    01.04.16 - Le Klub / Paris, FR
    02.04.16 - Freaked Studio / Reims, FR
    08.04.16 - Linkes Zentrum / Dusseldorf, DE
    09.04.16 - Supamolly / Berlin, DE
    12.05.16 - Andel Music bar / Pilsen, CZ
    13.05.16 - Triskaidekaphobia / Brno, CZ
    03.06.16 - Magasin 4 / Brussels, BE
    04.06.16 - Le Midland / Lille, FR

    Come to rock together! Tell your friends & share. It's always great to get your support and to see you in the first row!


New AMBASSADOR21 t-shirt

    Proud to announce the new AMBASSADOR21 "Killers" t-shirt.
    Available as men & girlie with light grey front print in OUR STORE


New AMBASSADOR21 DJ set on MixCloud




    New ILLEGAL TRADE 2-tracks EP hitting the streets on PRSPCT RVLT.
    Release-date: January 25th 2016.

    1. Lets Go To Prison
    2. Braindrug

    ILLEGAL TRADE is AMBASSADOR21's more breakbeat orientated alter ego. Immerse yourself in the teen-spirited rush of energy!

    Available now in all main digital stores including our Bandcamp, PRSPCT, Juno Download, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and many more.


AMBASSADOR21 Czech Tour 2016 - venue change in Brno

    We are glad to announce AMBASSADOR21 Czech Tour in January 2016!
    Be there, share it, invite you friends - WE COME WITH FIRE!

    ATTENTION: the venue in Brno has changed to Eleven Club, for better sound, light and everything else!

    20.01 - Cross Club / Prague info
    21.01 - Azyl / Liberec info
    22.01 - Barak / Slavonice info
    23.01 - Eleven / Brno info


AMBASSADOR21 "Time To Burn" out now

    AMBASSADOR21 "Time To Burn" remix EP out now on PRSPCT Recordings in digital format!

    4 sick as fuck remixes of the tracks from "Killers" by topnotch artists: LENNY DEE & MR. MADNESS, HALLUCINATOR, DEATHMACHINE, DELTA 9 & FIEND.

    1. Turn Yourself (LENNY DEE & MR. MADNESS remix)
    2. Face Your Future Killers (DEATHMACHINE remix)
    3. Turn Yourself (HALLUCINATOR remix)
    4. Face Your Future Killers (DELTA 9 & FIEND remix)



"Fuck All Systems" t-shirts re-printed

    You know, this true legendary t-shirt deserves to be re-printed. And here we go!!!!!
    Men & girlie FUCK ALL SYSTEMS t-shirts back to our store!


"Quadro Hardcore" sample library out now on Zero-G

    AMBASSADOR21' ultimate sample library "Quadro Hardcore" out now on Zero-G (UK), industry leader in the field of Soundware Development.
    "Quadro Hardcore" is 1.3Gb of ferocious, chaotic and hi-energy industrial hardcore sounds.
    This may be the hardest, fastest, most extreme collection of sounds in the history of sample libraries. Created by Ambassador21, one of the leading artists in the industrial hardcore field, this multi-format collection is a rollercoaster musical onslaught, a non-stop extreme beat-fest containing incredible riffs, atmospheres and beats.


    Quadro Hardcore is most obviously suited to industrial hardcore dance producers but it could equally well be used by other dance genres, film or games score producers who are looking for something intense, extraordinary and ultra hi-energy to enliven their productions.
    Channels of sound are defaced here to produce something that shows the supremacy of excess, the evidence of genius!

    INTRODUCTORY OFFER! 20% off until Monday 9th November 2015.


AMBASSADOR21 "Time To Burn" hitting the streets November 13th on PRSPCT

    AMBASSADOR21 back on PRSPCT Recordings with a killer Remix EP!
    1. Turn Yourself (LENNY DEE & MR. MADNESS remix)
    2. Face Your Future Killers (DEATHMACHINE remix)
    3. Turn Yourself (HALLUCINATOR remix)
    4. Face Your Future Killers (DELTA 9 & FIEND remix)

    Hitting the streets Nov 13th on PRSPCT RVLT. Click for preview, cos you want it!


AMBASSADOR21 new live dates

    Many new dates added in tour-list and now you can check out when we will be near your place. Right now we working in studio on the new album. Lots of new material already recorded and we will play new tracks on the next live shows.
    The album scheduled to be released in early Fall 2016.

    27.11.15 - Boccaccio / Monza (Milan), IT
    28.11.15 - Next Emerson / Florence, IT
    04.12.15 - Wave / Rimini, IT
    05.12.15 - DalVerme / Rome, IT
    21.01.16 - Azyl / Liberec, CZ
    22.01.16 - Barak / Slavonice, CZ
    23.01.16 - Mala Amerika / Brno, CZ
    02.04.16 - Freaked Studio / Reims, FR
    09.04.16 - Supamolly / Berlin, DE
    09.04.16 - ILLEGAL TRADE @ Supamolly / Berlin, DE
    15-17.04.16 - Bangface Weekender 2016 / Southport, UK

    And yeah - if you're a promoter too, invite us and we will rock your place!


New AMBASSADOR21 podcast tonight on Industrial Strength Radio

    Tonight from 8 pm till 10 pm (CET) listen Industrial Strength Radio on Gabber.FM with new AMBASSADOR21 podcast.
    Features other guest TOOMS (UK) and hosted by Mr. Madness.


Italian gigs announced

    We are happy to announce our italian gigs!

    27.11 Monza (Milan)
    28.11 Florence
    4.12 Rimini
    5.12 Rome

    Looking forward to see you in first row!


Hands 25th Anniversary 4CD compilation out now

    It's time to celebrate 25 years of HANDS with a massive 4cd compilation of 48 tracks of electronic music by 48 artists on 4CDs!
    Included brand new tracks by AMBASSADOR21 "Radio Silence" and ILLEGAL TRADE "Gates".
    The limited first edition comes in an oversize art book style heavy carton CD cover with embossing.


Greece, we'll be back very soon!


PRSPCT podcast 017 by AMBASSADOR21

This is industrial, this is hardcore!
AMBASSADOR21 put together a hard as fuck mix! This one ain't for the weakhearted. This is full on electronic warfare!!
Now go download and piss on your neighbors!


AMBASSADOR21 online store Summer sale


New items in our online store

    New items in OUR ONLINE STORE:

    ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" CD (Hands)

    ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" T-shirt (Hands)

    V/A "Forms Of Hands 15" CD (Hands)


ILLEGAL TRADE performed their first live show

    There is no room for a weak!

    ILLEGAL TRADE (AMBASSADOR21 side-project) performed the first live show ever @ Forms Of Hands 15 in Boenen (Germany) on April 25th.
    It was hard and merciless! Pure fun to play for such great audience, love you all!

    ILLEGAL TRADE' debut album "Acid For The Royal Family" (Hands) available in OUR ONLINE STORE, Bandcamp and all digital stores.


ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" digital sales started

    ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" (Hands) now available in all best digital stores, including Bandcamp.


AMBASSADOR21 releases "Sniff Your Leader" on Industrial Strength Records


AMBASSADOR21 endorsed by Keith McMillen Instruments and CME Pro

    We are happy to announce endorsement agreement with Keith McMillen Instruments and CME Pro.
    Look on that awesome portable controllers!
    QuNexus and K-Board by Keith McMillen are both slim, light and unbreakable. Both with 25 velocity-, tilt- and pressure-sensitive illuminated rubber keypads.
    Xkey by CME is light, metal and mega slim stylish controller with full-sized keys. It has also six jelly buttons, there are controls for octave selection, sustain, modulation and pitch bend.
    All three controllers are just built to rock.
    As we always looking for quality and portability, it seems all this controllers are the great solutions for us. We enjoyed them so much playing in studio and can't wait to try them on next AMBASSADOR21 live shows!


New reviews

    We had two awesome albums released in March - AMBASSADOR21 "Killers" 12" (PRSPCT) and debut album of our new side-project ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family".
    Some reviews just published, check it out!

    "Aber tausend Worte koennen nicht erklaeren was AMBASSADOR21 an Sounds zusammen knallen. Hoert selber und rastet aus!!!!" Amboss Mag READ MORE

    "If you like your industrial hard, but not Hardstyle ...then 'Killers' will be a delight to the anarchic side of any listener" Intravenous Magazine READ MORE

    "Il duo bielorusso recupera il suono della tradizione ed espone chiaramente il proprio modo di vedere la musica elettronica attuale: lo stesso concetto di nevermind teletrasportato nel 2015 che permette loro di fare quel che vogliono, per citarli, fottendo tutti i sistemi" Flux Magazine READ MORE


E-tropolis Festival 2015 gallery on-line

    AMBASSADOR21 played at E-Tropolis Festival in german Oberhausen. What's an incredible event!
    Thanks to professional and friendly crew, crazy and lovely audience, perfect musicians (it's honour to call many of you a friends!), to all our german-belgian-dutch-french friends who came to support us and made this weekend unforgettable!

    For more pictures check out AMBASSADOR21 FB PAGE


ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" out now!

    ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family" out today and available in OUR ONLINE STORE.

    HANDS presents the new side-project of AMBASSADOR21, lined up to pay homage to the unrestrained kind of industrial music that influenced Natasha and Alexey to start it all. The result is everything but retro though, a contemporary, yet extra hard approach at industrial hardcore crossbreed, nine tracks gripping you firmly with their rhythmic impact and a seamless stream of little elements of sound. Thus, over the nearly 50 minutes of the album's duration, suspension is held high effortlessly, like witnessing a fast-motion time lapse caused by the speed of sound.
    What can be harder than AMBASSADOR21? ILLEGAL TRADE

    1. Olga is Dead
    2. Acid for the Royal Family
    3. Lucky Junkies
    4. Go Home
    5. Space Hunter
    6. Cold Cash War
    7. Ripping Reality
    8. Zoom
    9. Stalker


ILLEGAL TRADE full album clip on-line

Here is a clip of ILLEGAL TRADE "Acid For The Royal Family".

Debut album coming out March 19th on Hands.

Pre-sales start on March 13th on Hands and in OUR ONLINE STORE.


AMBASSADOR21 "Killers" out now on PRSPCT Recordings

    AMBASSADOR21 new "Killers" 12" out now on PRSPCT Recordings.
    Four band' ultra hits in completely new versions. Mega heavy sound, classic heavy black vinyl, wicked artwork by Tom Hamel.
    "Killers" - this name says it all. No fillers, all Killers!
    Expect something sick boys & girls!!!

    A1: Face Your Future killers (V2015)
    A2: Turn Yourself (V2015)
    B1: In Love (V2015)
    B2: Power Rage Riot Death (V2015)

    Out on March 2nd as vinyl / digital. Vinyl available in OUR ONLINE STORE, digital version - in BANDCAMP STORE and all finest online music stores.


AMBASSADOR21 joined Varispeed Booking Agency roster


ILLEGAL TRADE's debut album out on HANDS in Winter 2015!

    More beats to the masses! Watch out for the new project by AMBASSADOR21!
    ILLEGAL TRADE's debut album "Acid For The Royal Family" will be released on HANDS in Winter 2015!

    And now - ILLEGAL TRADE "Olga Is Dead". Love it or die!


PRSPCT XL 20 line-up announced!


New AMBASSADOR21 t-shirts in online store

    Brand new AMBASSADOR21 "Middle Finger" t-shirt already in our online store.

    Legendary "Fuck All Systems" t-shirt is back as men and girlie.

    "Riot Generation" t-shirt comes back in black and light graphite colours. Also this t-shirt available for kids.

    Check our ONLINE STORE


Riot Generation Tour continues - Berlin!

    Thank you so much Berlin!!! The gig in Supamolly last Saturday was incredibly awesome. The audience, sound, light, fucking strobos, and our favourite place in Berlin - Supamolly! We did it again. Our thanks and love to all crew, you did a great work, as always!
    And last, but not least. Thanks to our buddy ISZOLOSCOPE for awesome set and nice company (do we remember at least one time when it wasn't funny with Yann?)
    Thank you Berlin! WE'LL BE BACK!!!


Maschinenfest 2k14 was blast!

    Maschinenfest was an incredible blast! Thanks so much to Thomas and Grit Hein and all MF Crew - you're the best!
    We thank all audience who made our gig together with us! It was intense and unforgettable! Thank you for your enormous support! Fuck all systems Maschinenfest!


AMBASSADOR21 confirmed for E-Tropolis Festival 2015


AMBASSADOR21 have joined the PRSPCT family!

    PRSPCT Recordings: "This legendary Digital Hardcore duo have been in the game for many years. Here at PRSPCT HQ we have always had a lot of respect for them and we are real happy to welcome them as part of the PRSPCT family.
    Not only have they joined the agency. We will also be releasing an awesome new EP by AMBASSADOR21 on PRSPCT's RVLT imprint soon.
    So please all give them a warm welcome PRSPCT Troopers!!!"

    If you are around, take your chance to see AMBASSADOR21 in action and catch us at upcoming events: :

    20.09 - Baroeg Open Air Festival / Rotterdam, NL

    10-12.09 - Maschinenfest 2k14 / Oberhausen, DE

    18.10 - Supamolly / Berlin, DE

    More dates will be announced soon!


It was great to be back, M'era Luna!

    Festival season continues - AMBASSADOR21 played at incredible M'era Luna 2014! It was great to be back! Check out the gallery HERE


RIOT GENERATION TOUR: first part is done!

    First part of RIOT GENERATION TOUR successfully done!
    AMBASSADOR21 started with blasted performance at Forms Of Hands 14 in german Boenen, than moved to Lille and Paris, and finished in Dresden.
    We wish to thank all promoters and fans for all this fun: Forms Of Hands Crew - Udo Wiessmann, Nicola Bork, Karsten Plewnia, all technicians, all fans, all old and new friends and musicians - MONOLITH, PROYECTO MIRAGE, CACOPHONEUSES, CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, NEEDLE SHARING, TATLUM, HYDRONE, Phil Munch, Yann Faussurier (big surprise!), Carsten Stiller, Andreas Davids and many more; Dark Discharge Crew and Le Viziteur Crew in Lille - Krystof Fre, Trique Von Douze, Den Du Barjack, Matthijs Kaah, Celine aka Houblonde Lille, Juke Feelynx, Jerome, UNDER ALL (thank you for great support, guys!), MOURMANSK 150 for guest appearance on "Legion Mics", Ann El, Herenya Nazgul and all involved; Tripalium, La Mangouste and Petit Bain Crew in Paris - Benjamin Dierstein, Marine, our amazing friend Liv Bioskop, DAFAKE PANDA, LEA SEX DOUX; Sektor Evolution, the best club in Dresden - Patrick, Tim, Ute, all technicians and crew, Ralph aka ASHTAR DXD (cool set!); Peter Heselmans for videos and pics; Katharina Regulski, Andre De Kok, Michael Alix, Manos Chrisovergis - for cool photos; Natascha De Vos Tasch and Der KapellMeister for crazy trips - Boenen-Brussels-Atomium-Mater-Ghent-Lille and for fries / stoffels stew with chocolate (Belgium!)/ beer at sacred place!; Zon Libert; Margo (thanks for macarons! love it!) and her Cat (thanks for warming us up in the night, man); the chief of La Maroquinerie restaurant (Paris) - the dinner was gorgeous!; and all awesome people we've met on the way!

    Our special thanks and huge respect to all people who still buy music - wow, you were fucking many!!! Sorry if there were not enough records and t-shirts for all of you, you can always get what you need in our web store or at our next gigs in RIOT GENERATION TOUR:

    9-10.08 - M'era Luna / Hildesheim, DE

    22-24.08 - Infest Festival / Bradford, UK

    20.09 - Baroeg Open Air Festival / Rotterdam, NL

    18.10 - Supamolly / Berlin, DE

    More dates will be announced soon!

    "Riot Generation" is a new AMBASSADOR21' CD and debut release of A21 Records.
    LP released by Restroom Records on red transparent vinyl.
    Order now in our web store as CD / 12" / CD+12" Bundle.
    Digital version of the album you can get on our Bandcamp and everywhere (iTunes / Amazon / Emusic / Spotify etc. etc.)
    Also available "Riot Generation" t-shirts with white front print.



AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" CD/LP out now

    Your favorite digital hardcore duo AMBASSADOR21 is back with a mouth full of nails and new "Riot Generation" album which gonna destroy your comfortable World!
    "Riot Generation" including brand new self-titled track, new version of "Fuck All Systems" and remixes by THE DJ PRODUCER, THE OUTSIDE AGENCY, END.USER, THE TEKNOIST, STORMTROOPER, GORE TECH, TREPONEM PAL, XOTOX.
    "Riot Generation" is a debut release of A21 Records - sub label of Invasion. LP released by Restroom Records on red transparent vinyl.
    Coming up at March 31st.
    Order now in our web store as CD / 12" / CD+12" Bundle.
    Digital version of the album you can get on our Bandcamp and everywhere.
    Also available "Riot Generation" t-shirts (man & girlie) in black and light graphite colors with white front print.

    You know Alexey Protasov got ill last year and AMBASSADOR21 went through the hard times with his throat cancer treatment - first surgery, than radio therapy and long recovery. You gave us your love and priceless friendship, you gave us help via crowdfunding, you created and supported 2 amazing charity compilations - "Fuck All Diseases" and "3dorovie". The good result of his treatment couldn't be possible without you.
    Today is the day of "Riot Generation". Today we give you what we can. EVERYONE who donated and supported Alexey during this time will receive download link for getting "RIOT GENERATION" for free (FLAC or MP3 for your choice).
    Thank you! We love you all!



AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" CD/LP comming up March 31st. Pre-orders started

    A21 Records proudly presents their first release -
    AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" coming up March 31st!
    12"LP will be released by Restroom Records on red transparent vinyl.
    CD incl. new track "Riot Generation", new version of "Fuck All Systems" and remixes by THE DJ PRODUCER, THE OUTSIDE AGENCY, END.USER, THE TEKNOIST, STORMTROOPER, GORE TECH, TREPONEM PAL, XOTOX.

    Pre-order "Riot Generation" in our online store
    Available as CD / 12"LP / CD+12"LP Bundle.


New AMBASSADOR21 cloudcast for your holidays!


AMBASSADOR21 "Fuck All Systems Berlin" out now on Xtractor Records

    AMBASSADOR21 live album out now on Xtractor Records (Berlin).
    "Fuck All Systems Berlin" is the name of this live album performed @ the venue Supamolly in Berlin, Germany during their FAS Tour 2013, in which the band has some of their new studio material like "Fuckallsystems" and "Megeneration X" along with some all-time classics like "In Love" and "Turn Yourself".
    This full length concert was recorded and engineered by Ronald Davila and Anne Hierholtz, mastered by Alexey Protasov himself, making of it a collectors piece and a must-have.
    Fuck All Systems!

    Get it now in Xtractor Records Bandcamp store!


AMBASSADOR21's new album "X" out on Hands at October 21

    HANDS welcomes a catchpenny addition to its band roster: AMBASSADOR21, the Belarusian duo who have brought their digital hardcore sound to electronic and industrial festivals worldwide and look back at a plethora of releases since the turn of the century. "X" is meant to tie up loose ends, with nine unreleased and seven compilation tracks from the period of 2005-2012 showcasing their arsenal of sound: Hard electronics, samples, heavy guitars and Natasha's sandpaper vocals are the ingredients of this sonic Molotov cocktail!

    Order "X" in our online store

    Also available as a bundle with "Fuck All Systems" t-shirt (man or girlie)
    GET THE BUNDLE for special price.
    Join our side and Fuck All Systems!



Why So Serious Mix by AMBASSADOR21 for free streaming



    The Belarusian duo who have brought their digital hardcore sound to electronic and industrial festivals worldwide and look back at a plethora of releases since the turn of the century will release their new 16 track album "X" on HANDS in October.
    Fuck All Systems!


AMBASSADOR21. RED STAR - new t-shirt out now



    We recorded this album to show our support for Gay marriage and adoption legalization, also in opposition to the recent happenings in France.
    Fuck catholic extremists. Fuck chauvinism.
    It's time to fight back. In Gay we trust.
    AMBASSADOR21. For those who are against.

    Available now via Bandcamp & iTunes
    (and other digital vendors of your choice)



    "FAS" is dedicated to everyone who is on the opposite side of all those capitalist pigs. Hear our call, piggies, YOU are NOT the owners of this world. Fuck you!

    After some 8 full length albums, your favourite sonic hackers AMBASSADOR21 strike back with their much anticipated new release on which they shout out their motto: "Fuck All Systems!"... Louder and more provocative than ever before, the duo is releasing the next chapter of destructive revolution.
    On this conceptual "FAS" EP, A21 share their revolt through special guest versions featuring artists and co-revolutionaries such as Erk Aicrag (HOCICO / RABIA SORDA), Phil Barry (CUBANATE / BE MY ENEMY), Jan Dewulf (DISKONNEKTED) and Saxy_D (RED CITY NOISE). Furthermore, there are also great remixes by hardcore legend DELTA 9 & FIEND, DISKONNEKTED, SUICIDE INSIDE, MANGADRIVE and DIEZEL XZAUST, as well as cover versions by MALAKWA and RED CITY NOISE. Massive 11 tracks in total, which will hack your mental system - 49 minutes of pure provocative attitude.
    AMBASSADOR21 are really glad and proud to present you this "breaking borders" collaboration of artists who truly support this powerful idea. Stop the loud declarations! Fuck all systems! Start the action!
    Addiction comes next!

    But wait, there's more!
    To properly celebrate the release date, download the new AMBASSADOR21 track "Beat.By.Beat" for free.






New AMBASSADOR21 single for FREE DOWNLOADS on SoundCloud and Bandcamp

    Keep calm - you've been hacked***

    AMBASSADOR21, SPICY BOX and ANONYMOUS joined forces to destroy your comfort.
    We are the best in this.
    Firstly you'll like it. Than you'll get crazy and addicted. And than you'll become one of us.

    Download AMBASSADOR21 feat. ANONYMOUS vs. SPICY BOX "Hack All Systems" at SoundCloud and Bandcamp.
    And enjoy great "Hack All Systems" video by Experimento Veintytres (Mexico).



AMBASSADOR21 presents new video "DOPE ON"


SUICIDE INSIDE "Homicide" CD/3CD available now in Invasion online store

    Now you can buy "Homicide" directly from SUICIDE INSIDE!
    All copies will be signed for you!

    The album released in 3 CD formats, including 3CD box-set. Apart from the normal CD version there's the limited deluxe carton box edition of "Homicide" which includes a bonus remix album with remixes by AIBOFORCEN, IMPLANT, OPERATION OF THE SUN, AESTHETISCHE, KRYSTAL SYSTEM, ACYLUM, AMBASSADOR21, KANT KINO, NEEDLE SHARING, MALAKWA, iVARDENSPHERE, FREAKANGEL, MEMMAKER, XOTOX, VIGILANTE, CAUSTIC. But, the hardcore fans should order directly from the label's webshop as all orders there will be upgraded with free 3rd disc including 11 extra remixes by AMBASSADOR21, #449, WIELORYB, AUTODAFEH, CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, DIRTY K, EX_TENSION, ZANDOZ CORP., PUNISH YOURSELF vs. SONIC AREA, ISZOLOSCOPE, MONO NO AWARE.


AMBASSADOR21 announces two new band members!

    We are fucking glad to introduce you Saxy_D and Al' Grave - new members of AMBASSADOR21 live line-up!
    This guys will break guitars at our next gigs!
    Saxy_D and Al' Grave are from Lyon-based industrial-rock band RED CITY NOISE. Saxy_D sometimes joined on stage famous french band PUNISH YOURSELF.
    First times new AMBASSADOR21 musicians will appeared on stage at 20th Festival Chauffer Dans La Noirceur (July 13, Montmartin-Sur-Mer / France) and in Antwerp (Zappa Club) at August 18, where AMBASSADOR21 will open for KMFDM.


SUICIDE INSIDE presents "SNAKE H" video


AMBASSADOR21 10th Anniversary!

    AMBASSADOR21 was born in the end of December 2001 - and this year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary.
    10 YEARS OF POWER. Thank you all for being so cool friends and supporters over these years! We could never have brought so much energy into our music without you.
    10 YEARS OF RAGE. In these years, the World around us has changed totally. Belarus, France, Greece, UK, Egypt, Italy, Lybia, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, all Eastern Europe... To be continued.
    10 YEARS OF RIOT. We released lots of records and rocked in lots of clubs and festivals all over the World!
    We saw hundreds of backstages (clean and dirty ones), we stayed in hundreds hotel rooms (mostly clean) and friends' places (not always warm, but very hospitable). We drank cherry beer in Antwerp and absinth in Prague. Got sick in London and got sex in Paris. Paddled a canoe in Sumperk and washed our hands in La Manche. Discovered and loved oysters in Strasbourg and Double Macs in Montreal. Experienced how Juliet's balcony in Verona looks from downstairs and how a jail in Germany does - from inside. We got autographed photo from Johnny Depp. We have a photo with SKINNY PUPPY!
    10 YEARS OF DEATH. Oh, no - we are too young!
    We proudly announce AMBASSADOR21 X TOUR 2011! This year we will play in Geneva, Lenzburg, Paris, Lahr, Ceske Budejovice, Linz, Athens, Gruyeres, Bulle, Oberhausen, Pardubice, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Gdynia, Moscow, St-Petersburg - more gigs in progress. We will keep you updated.



    Super limited 21 copies edition out on Invasion at October 25 2010!

    CD-R with full-colored 4-pages booklet in Cold War handmade jacket with metal military pin.

    Written in 2002, "New Doctrine About Trinity" was about authority in our country.
    We travel a lot, we been in many other countries. We see what the authority is. We absolutely know that authorities in different countries are exactly the same. Doesn't matter how they call themselves or what kind of masks they use to hide their faces - totalitarism, fascism, nazism or democracy.
    You can be jealous because we are from Belarus and we have reason to fight again and again. You can be jealous also to people from Mexico or Cuba. But reason to fight is the same for everyone, everywhere.
    "New Doctrine About Trinity" has been played at every our concert. The same words, but we speak harder and harder, because we already know - authority will be never changed, nowhere.
    But we can force them feel not comfortable.
    Thank you, George Orwell.

    For more information check out "New Doctrine About Trinity EP" info-page


New AMBASSADOR21 album "Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers)" OUT NOW

    AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers)"
    new full-length album coming out now on Invasion!

    With enough soap you could blow up the whole world.
    To make soap, first we have to render fat. Put the fat in the water, and get the water boiling. As the fat renders, the tallow will float to the surface of the boiling water. More and more tallow will rise until the water is skinned over with a rainbow mother-of-pearl layer. Use a big spoon to skim the layer off, and set this layer aside. Boil and skim. When the fat's boiled enough that no more tallow rises, throw out the boiling water. Put the skimmed tallow into milk cartons with the tops opened all the way and put them in the fridge. A layer of something thick and clear is collecting on top of the tallow in the fridge. The clear layer is glycerin. You can mix the glycerin back in when you make soap. You can mix the glycerin with nitric acid to make nitroglycerin. You can mix the nitroglycerin with sodium nitrate and sawdust to make dynamite. You can mix the nitroglycerin with more nitric acid and paraffin and make gelatin explosives. You can blow up bridges, You could blow up a building, easy.
    With enough soap you could blow up the whole world.

    For more information check out "Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers)" info-page