AMBASSADOR21 "Human Rage"

(Invasion 2016)

From the feeling of an incoming storm in the industrial mid-tempo main title "Human Rage" to the blast of aggression in high-speed hardcore beast "Fear Level Red". From the martial beats and provocative lyrics in Russian and English in "Revelation" to the deep wobble bass and wall of noise in "Metal". From the fighting beats in brutal "Cannibals" to the trap synths in dance floor killer "Scream Your Name". From the fast moving guitar tracks "Do Or Die Time" and "Empire Must Fall" to the dark, cinematic and noisy title "Before We Die". From the straight industrial hammer-beats to the explosion of noise and cold transparent ambience at the end in "Black Dot". It’s hard, it’s catchy, it’s honest. With this new album AMBASSADOR21 do what they do best - blast your brains.
What are the keywords that come in your mind when you listen to "Human Rage"? Terrorism, religion, attitude. "Human Rage" is mature work of adult people with a strong position, who aren’t afraid to draw conclusions and speak out loud on their behalf.
Devaluation of human life. Terrorism, which has become a part of everyday life. Human life as a small coin in the ideological, financial and religious wars. Those are the main motives of "Human Rage". This album is addressed to thinking, open-minded people, who are responsible for their own acts, who ask the right questions and are searching for the right answers; who aren’t afraid to live and are in love with life; who can't imagine life without music.
Did you notice how many times the word “life” was mentioned? Yes, “Human Rage” is a martial dance in the name of life.
Too late to be cool. It's do or die time. Now listen to "Human Rage". READ MORE


AMBASSADOR21 "Revelation" single

(Invasion 2016)

The single "Revelation" is a clear taster of the upcoming album. It’s hard, it’s catchy, it’s honest, it’s mind-blowing. With two new songs, AMBASSADOR21 do what they do best - blast your brains.
The opening title, “Revelation”, is a melodic heavy industrial track with tribal beats, provocative lyrics in Russian and English and a clear message to any religious bigots - “your god is dead, go fuck yourself!”.
The second song of the single, “Fear Level Red”, is a fast and brutal industrial hardcore tune with a memorable sample of Skunk Anansie. “Fear Level Red” was written on the next day after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and every beat of this track is bleeding and screaming.
The single “Revelation” will probably not blow up this World, because the World is perfectly exploding itself on its own, but it will definitely blow your mind up, and your speakers too.
Yes, it’s what you need. Yes, it’s fucking political! Yes, it’s fucking satirical!


AMBASSADOR21 "We Are Legion" EP

(Industrial Strength Records 2016)

Released by notorious hardcore label Industrial Strength Records and includes original track and remixes by NEGATIVE A, MATT GREEN and DETEST.


AMBASSADOR21 "Time To Burn" EP

(PRSPCT Recordings 2015)

4 sick as fuck remixes of the tracks from "Killers" by topnotch artists: LENNY DEE & MR. MADNESS, HALLUCINATOR, DEATHMACHINE, DELTA 9 & FIEND.


AMBASSADOR21 "Sniff Your Leader" EP

(Industrial Strength Records 2015)

First killer release from AMBASSADOR21 on legendary american label Industrial Strength Records.

AMBASSADOR21 "Killers" 12"


Four band' ultra hits in completely new versions. Mega heavy sound, classic heavy black vinyl, wicked artwork by Tom Hamel.
"Killers" - this name says it all. No fillers, all Killers!
Expect something sick boys & girls!!!

AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation"

CD / 12"LP (red vinyl)
(A21 Records / Restroom Records 2014)

Your favorite digital hardcore duo AMBASSADOR21 is back with a mouth full of nails and new "Riot Generation" album which gonna destroy your comfortable World!
"Riot Generation" including brand new self-titled track, new version of "Fuck All Systems" and remixes by THE DJ PRODUCER, THE OUTSIDE AGENCY, END.USER, THE TEKNOIST, STORMTROOPER, GORE TECH, TREPONEM PAL, XOTOX.


(Hands Productions 2013)

HANDS welcomes a catchpenny addition to its band roster: Ambassador21, the Belarusian duo who have brought their digital hardcore sound to electronic and industrial festivals worldwide and look back at a plethora of releases since the turn of the century. "X" is meant to tie up loose ends, with nine unreleased and seven compilation tracks from the period of 2005-2012 showcasing their arsenal of sound: Hard electronics, samples, heavy guitars and Natasha's sandpaper vocals are the ingredients of this sonic Molotov cocktail!

Ambassador21 are surely active activists, and their efforts have put them in the upper tiers of the digital hardcore scene. Highly political, cultural renegades, they are quite a memorable display on stage, energetic and charged. Such is also their music, and the 16 tracks on "X" bear witness to that.

AMBASSADOR21 "Mind. The Bollocks + Live. The Bollocks"

(Invasion 2013)

We recorded this album to show our support for Gay marriage and adoption legalization, also in opposition to the recent happenings in France.
Fuck catholic extremists. Fuck chauvinism.
It's time to fight back. In Gay we trust.
AMBASSADOR21. For those who are against.


(Alfa Matrix 2012)

After some 8 full length albums, your favourite sonic hackers AMBASSADOR21 strike back with their much anticipated new release on which they shout out their motto: "Fuck All Systems!"... Louder and more provocative than ever before, the duo is releasing the next chapter of destructive revolution.
On this conceptual "FAS" EP, A21 share their revolt through special guest versions featuring artists and co-revolutionaries such as Erk Aicrag (HOCICO / RABIA SORDA), Phil Barry (CUBANATE / BE MY ENEMY), Jan Dewulf (DISKONNEKTED) and Saxy_D (RED CITY NOISE). Furthermore, there are also great remixes by hardcore legend DELTA 9 & FIEND, DISKONNEKTED, SUICIDE INSIDE, MANGADRIVE and DIEZEL XZAUST, as well as cover versions by MALAKWA and RED CITY NOISE. Massive 11 tracks in total, which will hack your mental system - 49 minutes of pure provocative attitude.
AMBASSADOR21 are really glad and proud to present you this "breaking borders" collaboration of artists who truly support this powerful idea. Stop the loud declarations! Fuck all systems! Start the action!
Addiction comes next!

AMBASSADOR21 & CONVERTER "New Doctrine About Trinity" EP

(Invasion 2010)

Written in 2002, "New Doctrine About Trinity" was about authority in our country.
We travel a lot, we been in many other countries. We see what the authority is. We absolutely
know that authorities in different countries are exactly the same.
Doesn't matter how they call themselves or what kind of masks they use to hide their faces -
totalitarism, fascism, nazism or democracy.
You can be jealous because we are from Belarus and we have reason to fight again and again.
You can be jealous also to people from Mexico or Cuba.
But reason to fight is the same for everyone, everywhere.
"New Doctrine About Trinity" has been played at every our concert. The same words, but we
speak harder and harder, because we already know - authority will be never changed, nowhere.
But we can force them feel not comfortable.
Thank you, George Orwell.

AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers)"

(Invasion 2010)

With enough soap you could blow up the whole world.
To make soap, first we have to render fat. Put the fat in the water, and get the water boiling. As the fat renders, the tallow will float to the surface of the boiling water. More and more tallow will rise until the water is skinned over with a rainbow mother-of-pearl layer. Use a big spoon to skim the layer off, and set this layer aside. Boil and skim. When the fat's boiled enough that no more tallow rises, throw out the boiling water. Put the skimmed tallow into milk cartons with the tops opened all the way and put them in the fridge. A layer of something thick and clear is collecting on top of the tallow in the fridge. The clear layer is glycerin. You can mix the glycerin back in when you make soap. You can mix the glycerin with nitric acid to make nitroglycerin. You can mix the nitroglycerin with sodium nitrate and sawdust to make dynamite. You can mix the nitroglycerin with more nitric acid and paraffin and make gelatin explosives. You can blow up bridges, You could blow up a building, easy.
With enough soap you could blow up the whole world.

AMBASSADOR21 "Power Rage (Face Your Future Killers)"

(Invasion 2009)

If we have press-agent, you can read now something like “smashed drums”, “ultra fast broken beats”, “sharp guitar riffs”, “earfucking duel of vocals”, “wall of noise”, “absolutely dancefloor killers”, and again about guitars – “hard, speedy, motorbike sounding”, and again about drums – “punchy hammerbeats”, and again about noise – “king size”, and again about vocals – “mouth full of nails, unique, sexy”.
If we have press-agent, you can read: “industrial”, “hardcore”, “breakcore”, “gabber”, “noise”, “digital hardcore”.
If we have press-agent, you can read: “must have”, “strongly recommended”, “you can love it or hate it,
but you can not stay in the middle”.
But we have not.
We made this album, just because we are. We believe one hundred percents everything we says.
We don’t make music – we are the music. It’s sound of underground. It’s our rock’n’roll.
Are you ready for blowjob, suckers? Bon courage!


"Peacemakers, Inc. (II)"

(Invasion 2009)

Without any rules, without any authority, without compromises and without return tickets.
Pure energy. Absolute freedom. Passions, desires and emotions. Wild, violent and sexy.
Blood, sweat and tears. Hysteria, chaos and panic.
Uncontrolled. Unlimited. Untouchables. Young and beautiful.
Every day like last. Noise, industrial, punk, true rock'n'roll.
Fuck you all!
All this words about the bands which made second part of "Peacemakers Inc." -
CHRYSALIDE, AMBASSADOR21, PUNISH YOURSELF. And all this words about their split-album.

AMBASSADOR21 "Justified Thirst For Blood"

(Invasion / Vendetta Music / Kovcheg 2008)

Following after their harsh and merciless album "Fuck All $y$tem$" here is the new release from AMBASSADOR21. This CD has tracks which were released between 2002 and 2007 and two versions recorded live in Paris and Florence during Fuck All Systems Tour 2007. Here are everything which describes sound of AMBASSADOR21 - grinding wall of sound, massive distorted beats, heavy breaks, sharp guitar riffs and, of course, AMBASSADOR21 trademark - ferocious duel of vocals plus hard-as-nails lyrics. Uncompromising heavy electronics - this is "Justified Thirst For Blood".

The Album Of The Year (Industrial Madness Music Awards 2008, Belarus)

AMBASSADOR21 "Fuck All $y$tem$"

(Invasion / Vendetta Music 2007)

5th AMBASSADOR21 full-length album "FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$".
If you are looking for clean intelligent sound - forget it. It's impossible to insert this belorussian duo expression into generally accepted stereotype of exemplary life. This album deserves its name completely, it is saturated by pure energy from the first till last minute. If you have strong imagination about what that - AMBASSADOR21, if you know what you are waiting for - get it.
Are they more diverse? Yes. More deep? Yes. More electronic? Yes.
Does they changed? No. They are strong and sexy.
Dense and noisy electro hardcore wall of sound which can be ferocious and merciless. But their anger always with a smile - from ambivalent ironic lyrics in Russian and English to forceful pounding industrial kicks, brutal synth layers and explosive broken beats seasoned by psychopathic glitches. And duel of earfucking vocals which make their music absolutely unique.
That's AMBASSADOR21 as you have learned to like them - but harder, louder, younger. Ultra fucking destroy.
Incl. remixes by S.I.N.A., IMMINENT, SYNAPSCAPE.


(Invasion 2007)

in celebration its 5th anniversary, ambassador21 and Invasion proudly presents new excellent release - this time a collection of remixes, which has been produced by ambassador21 in 2003-2007. some of the remixes are unreleased (proyecto mirage, foetus), some others are been previously released on-line only (ctrler, the shizit, hansel). "cut&go" brings 15 very diverse and explosive tracks. ambassador21-remixers present sometimes unexpected edges of other producers, as their ownes - sounds range from heavy industrial and noisy breakbeats to drum'n'bass interferences or speedcore massacre. original tracks by synapscape, foetus, sonar, :wumpscut:, snog, rasputeen, proyecto mirage, kiew, f.y.d., bak XIII, ctrler, beinhaus,
the shizit, hansel and altera forma.

AMBASSADOR21 "Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun"

(Invasion 2007)


AMBASSADOR21 "Weight Of Death"

(Invasion 2006)

...those who survived then didn't know they has less luck.
brandnew ambassador21' 'weight of death' forces your ears to bleed, but keeps your brains alive. with this intensive sounding album ambassador21 blows up your sound system totally - there is no time for a funeral arrangement. musically based on massive industrial sound with obvious punk influences, 'weight of death' brings more heavy breaks, flailing noisy straight beats, ferocious screams of natasha in russian and english language and smashed shop windows into ambassador21' essence. when you rape us we will seek vengeance. psychodelic guitar riffs by ctrler and painful 'a la godflesh'-bass guitars by mark kammerbauer make it possible to say - you are dealing with the best ambassador21' album ever. converter collaborated with ambassador21 in 'new doctrine about trinity II', which has been released on-line as single in august 2k5 and blasted dancefloors all over the world; in collaboration with mothboy - 'winter trip 2' - ambassador21 create a big surprise for their fans, with a nice slow breakbeat-trip; roger rotor collaborated with ambassador21 in 'delete the elite', which was produced with backing-vocals by proyecto mirage, synapscape, rasputeen, asche and ctrler; and sure, the album has some kind of hot hits, as punk/industrial hymns like 'batman vs. elvis' and 'my little freedom', or the dancefloor massacre track 'smith-and-wesson'. let's say, 'weight of death' is full of noise, beats, speed, anger, stones and fire.

P.S. the bullet changes the power fast.

AMBASSADOR21 "Akcija V1.1" CD/2x12"LP

(Invasion / Restroom Records 2005)



AMBASSADOR21 "I Wanna Kill U.com EP" CD/12"LP

(Invasion / Restroom Records 2004)




(Invasion 2004)




(Invasion 2004)

AMBASSADOR21 "People Vs. Ambassador21"

(Invasion 2002)